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Our Vision


As an institution we aspire to provide a stimulating environment not only conductive for learning but also for developing various facts of student’s personality efforts that are aimed at making the students confident individual, good Bangladeshi citizen with high religious and moral values by inculcating the students the habit of punctuality and sense of duty.


CPSCR, that is, Cantonment public School and college, Rangpur is to enhance and channelize the intellectual creative abilities of young scholars by providing quality education of Science, Arts, Commerce and Computer Science at affordable fee.  It also inculcates the religious, moral, spiritual and social values of the students for the betterment of our society and nation at large.

These include :

  • To obtain the students for making contribution at home, school and community.
  • To encourage the students to explore the individual creativeness.
  • To develop in students the habit of engaging them in gainful pursuits.
  • To promote communicative skills.
  • To provide the students and understanding of the ideology and cultural values of Bangladesh.
  • Religious values and education to keep up the moral high.
  • To make honest and patriotic citizen.
  • To encourage the idea of plain living and high thinking

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