Motto & Objectives

Motto :     RABBI ZIDNI ILMA. (Oh Lord! Enrich me with knowledge.)



The aims and objectives of this institution mainly cover to provide modern education of international standard to the Cantonment and local meritorious students of the suburban areas of Rangpur city. These include;

1. We work to encourage the students to achieve the qualities of a good citizen.
2. We work to build our learners as a good citizen with the spirit and values of liberation war and sense of patriotism.
3. We work to modernize their knowledge by ensuring their participation in extracurricular activities.
4. We ensure their participation in group work to raise their unity, fellow feeling and co-operation.
5. We assist the students to be confident by dint of their individual conception and activities.
6. We work to place the misguided learners in the right path by motivation counseling.
7. We inspire our students for plain living and high thinking.
8. We inspire our students to accept honesty as their philosophy of life.
9. We work to motivate the students to make supreme sacrifice for their parents, family and society and country.
10. We work to build the students as nation's asset on the whole.
11. We provide friendly environment for the student suffering from physical and mental disability.


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